IMIX was founded in 1991 as a spin-off of the University of Twente. Three employees of the Laboratory of Measurement Technolgy decided to start their own company. The laboratory was specialized in using the camera as measurement device. Although solutions using imaging technology from industry were asked, the scientific staff was not able to provide these solutions. This was the niche for IMIX.

During the years, IMIX developed many machine vision solutions for industry, agriculture and forensics. In 1995-1997 the first PC-based forensic image enhancement systems was developed later branded as IMPRESS. 

In the course of the years, IMIX created co-developer / co-maker partnerships with various OEM's and end-users. Providing long term added-value and product life time support.


By the end of the first decade of this century, IMIX turned it's focus primarily to partnerships and niche products. The partnership for imaging of crystallization process turned into a joint venture Perdix Analytical Systems. The seeds sorting business was brought into the joint venture SeQso. 

In Oktober 2016, the forensic division has spun-off in the company Foclar.

Still IMIX supports and develops various projects and partnerships, as well as the joint ventures it particpates in. With the advent of faster cameras, powerful LED's, optics and new technologies as deep learning new challenges are ahead of us. Creating added value for our customers and partners.